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What is it?

TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT is subsidized employment that is for job seekers who are unemployed and have been unemployed for 27+ weeks, have been unemployed for 27 out of the last 52 weeks or have not worked for the same employer for 3+ months in the last 2 years Additionally, we look at each customer and their specific needs and barriers to help determine if TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT is a service that is needed to help with their employment needs. Determining what traditional WIOA barriers that the customer faces helps in determining the proper service delivery. .

Who subsidizes the employee?

In TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT, Southeast KANSASWORKS is the employer of record.

How much does the employee make?

The employee will earn no less then federal minimum wage, $7.25/hr, and up to $10/hr. We base our wages on the position they are working and start the employee $1 less than entry level wage for that employer up to the $10/hr maximum.

How many hours can the employee work?

A TRY-OUT Employee is limited to 32 working hours per week with a maximum of 8 weeks of training.

What type of support does the employee receive?

The TRY-OUT Employee will be working with a Career Advisor and will be getting intensive case management to overcome any hurdles at the job site. Additionally, TRY-OUT Employees will receive supportive services in the way of prepaid cards to help with transportation costs and work ready materials. Each TRY-OUT Employee will be required to attend two, four hour the “Bring Your “A” Game to Work” trainings in order to receive soft skills training for the workplace.

How does this benefit employers?

TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT is a way for employers to “TRY-OUT” a new employee. There is no cost to the employer and could help build an OJT candidate or possible new hire. There is no commitment from the employer to retain a TRY-OUT Employee after the end of the contract.

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Connect and Make a Difference

We believe in the power of connection. By providing the right resources and opportunities, the TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT program can help inexperienced workers forge a path to success.

Southeast KANSASWORKS is giving you the opportunity to be a connection that makes a difference. Research shows TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT is correlated with better success in the labor market. By participating in the TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT partnership, you gain a short-term employee while investing in individuals from your community.


Here are a few of the benefits of being a TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT partner:

The goals of TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT for job seekers:

The core components of TRY-OUT EMPLOYMENT

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