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A resume is a professional marketing flier with the purpose of getting an employer to contact you. The resume provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate how your skills and abilities make you the best candidate for the position. Your resume provides a summary of your relevant qualifications, work history and other experience, education and training, and key accomplishments.

To be effective, the resume should be customized for each position you apply to. A T-chart is an excellent tool to assist you in determining if you are qualified for a position and how to customize your resume to the positions. View this quick video for more information on how to create a T-chart.


View this quick video to learn more about the five parts of a resume.

Below are the five major parts of a resume. Click on any area to review tips on how to customize each section of your resume.


There are resume formats that you can choose when creating your resume. Each format has its own pros and cons depending on your current career goals as well as your past work history.

Chronological: Past work history matches or is related to your current objective, accomplishments are linked with previous employment.

Chronological: This version highlights key qualifications that are relevant to the job description, using PSRs at the top of the resume.

Functional: Career change or returning to something you did years ago, accomplishments are linked to specific skill areas.

Recent Training / New Graduate: This is a template if you have recently completed a training program in a field where you have little or no work experience.


Resume Tips

Master Resume Worksheet

Scannable Resume Tips

Cover Letters

Jobscan will compare your resume to a job description to assist in optimizing and customizing for key words.

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