My Plan: job search & network


Ways to use LinkedIn

  • Create a strong profile that markets your skills and work history.
  • Use LinkedIn groups to target industry-specific positions. Often recruiters or hiring managers will post openings on the discussion or job tab.
  • Posting articles and responding to questions on LinkedIn groups is an ideal way to show that you are involved and knowledgeable about your field.
  • Use LinkedIn Jobs to find positions posted on LinkedIn. You may find that you are connected to the person posting the position.
  • Follow companies on LinkedIn.
  • Use the advanced search features to find people that you used to work with (search = previous company name + past). They may be working at some of the companies you are targeting.

Ways to use Twitter

Establish yourself as an expert by:

  • tweeting about your field.
  • giving a tip.
  • talking about an article.
  • following people.

Ways to use Facebook

  • Post content relevant to your job search or career.
  • Keep your profile professional.
  • Remove all personal information and limit photos.
  • Complete the “About Me” information with professional data.
  • Use privacy settings and review monthly for changes.
  • Find companies and follow for updates, information, and job postings.

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