My Plan: interview & negotiate


Getting the job offer is a very exciting time. All of your hard work and efforts have finally paid off. But what if what you were offered is not exactly what you were expecting. The time has come to negotiate.

Here are some strategies to make your negotiation as successful as possible:

  • An employer can rescind an offer if they do not think you will be satisfied. A positive attitude and tone of voice are essential.
  • Be realistic with your requests. Research the market and know what the going rate is for your position and level.

Here are the steps to a successful negotiation:

  1. Express desire for the job and gratitude for the interviewer’s interest and offer.
  2. Ask for what you had hoped for and in a collaborative way, ask how something can be done to reach an agreement. Here is a list of possible items to negotiate for as part of your compensations package.
  3. Prioritize your requests and ask for them one at a time.
  4. Ask for your top priority first.
  5. Discuss one issue at a time and come to closure on it before moving on.
  6. Look for signs of discomfort from your interviewer, and know when to stop.
  7. Summarize the overall offer at the end to be sure you have understood the agreement.
  8. Request the offer in writing (an offer letter) and get permission to consider the offer within a reasonable period of time.
  9. Reiterate your gratitude and interest in the offer, and express appreciation for their flexibility with your requests.

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