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Have you taken the time to identify your skills, interests, values, and personality preferences? Each of these areas can provide you with valuable insights into career areas that would be a good fit for you. Also identifying this information can provide you with a rich vocabulary that you can use on your resume and during your interviews to sell yourself to perspective employers.

Click on the following links to learn more about yourself and discover tools that can assist you in your self assessment process. Please note that all of the assessments listed offer free reports and tools. We do not recommend that you pay for additional reports or services.

The CareerExplorer career test is a comprehensive interest, personality, and preference assessment that measures you against over 140 traits and uses that data to accurately match you to over 800 careers.

Use the assessment below to assist you in evaluating your skills and strengths including your transferable skills which are skills you use in one job or career that can be used in another. Leadership, problem solving, communication and time management are examples of highly transferable skills.

Skills Profiler

Are you interested in assessing your transferable skills to identify skills that you could use in your next role? Click here to take a Skill Profiler Assessment.

When your job matches your interests, you are more likely to be happy and successful in your work. Thinking about your likes and dislikes and finding out which jobs and careers use your interests helps you to discover occupations you would probably find satisfying and enjoyable in the long term.

Use the assessment tool O*net Interest Profiler to assist you in defining your areas of interest. Once you define your interests, you will be able to review a list of related career options.

Career or work values are personal beliefs or priorities that help you identify what's most important to you in your work and contribute to your work satisfaction and success. Knowing your values can give you a clearer sense of what's most important to you. People's values change over time and assessing your values can be helpful at any stage of working life. Below you will find two ways to assess your values.

Here is an online values assessment to prioritize your values as they relate to your work preferences.

Click here to download an activity worksheet.

Personality can be defined as your natural way of working. Some of us prefer working quietly alone, others like to interact with many people. Many of us appreciate detail and exactitude, while others prefer to see the big picture. Choosing a career simply because it's currently “hot” or because it pays well overlooks the basic question of “can you do this job successfully?”

Understanding your own natural way of working has another benefit. It not only helps you to appreciate your own uniqueness, but to understand and work with the unique styles of your co-workers. In the team-oriented environment of business, relationships are the basic building blocks of work. A good understanding of work styles will help you to communicate well with co-workers and managers.

Here are some personality assessments. Please note that all of the assessments listed offer free reports and tools. We do not recommend that you pay for additional reports or services.

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