Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange

KANSASWORKS is your best source for posting and finding jobs in the state of Kansas. Whether you’re looking for that perfect job, that perfect employee or information on an industry or workforce.

The Kansas Department of Commerce administers the KANSASWORKS workforce system, which links businesses, job seekers and educational institutions to ensure that Kansas employers can find skilled workers.

The system includes various workforce centers, which are located throughout the state to connect Kansas businesses with job seekers in their area.



  • Job search assistance, connecting employees with employers, perform job searches.  Build and post an online resume.  Employment referrals and job developments
  • Career Success and Job Search Workshops – includes developing a resume, planning a job search, preparing for interviews, success on the job
  • Career Resource Center – Access to computers, copiers, fax machines, phones, reference books, videos and other resources
  • Job Counseling – Guidance in choosing a career that is right for you
  • Assessment/Testing – Assess your skills, abilities and interests, including skills enhancement through KeyTrain for the Kansas WORKReady! Certificate and Kansas TALENT assessment
  • Veterans Employment Services – One-on-one assistance for career planning services and advanced job notice for veterans
  • Information – Referrals to community support, programs for skills upgrading, training and retraining, GED completion, customized training, community resources, Federal Bonding, Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Labor Market Information



  • Job Referrals – Employers may search resumes and advertise current workforce needs, at no cost, by listing available positions online both locally and nationally on kansasworks.com.  KANSASWORKS can accept and screen applications and refer only those that meet company specifications
  • Interviewing – KANSASWORKS has space available for interviewing prospective employees.  Staff are also available to schedule interview appointments
  • Job Fairs – Space is available at our facilities for employer job fairs.  Virtual Job Fairs are also available
  • Assessment Services – Staff can provide assessment and testing of job applicants
  • Service to Veterans – Veteran employment representatives are available to assist employers in finding qualified veterans to fill positions
  • Tax Credits and Bonding – Work Opportunity Tax Credits for hiring certain targeted groups and Federal Bonding insuring employer loss due to employee theft
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