On-the-Job Training Solutions

Helping Develop the Workforce of Tomorrow Today!

Employers understand all too well the cost of hiring and training good employees. In many cases, candidates who have the right combination of enthusiasm and intelligence may lack the specific skills you need for the job. The Southeast KANSASWORKS On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program can help your business save money, while turning a great candidate into a productive and profitable employee.

OJT eases the cost burden by subsidizing a portion of the training for new hires. Eligible companies hiring targeted employees can qualify for reimbursement up to half of the training costs for a pre-set period. The OJT Program is federally funded through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) and administered locally through our Southeast KANSASWORKS centers.


The Southeast KANSASWORKS staff will meet with you to discuss your needs and the position(s) for which you are seeking OJT training dollars. Workforce Specialists will evaluate qualifying candidates based on the job needs. If there is a match, we will work with you to design a custom training plan for a productive employee and successful new hire. The length of training will be determined by the job description and demonstrated participant skill gaps.

OJT is a contractual agreement between an employer and the Southeast KANSASWORKS Local Workforce Development Board.

The employer agrees to:

  • Hire and provide essential on-the-job training to qualified participants
  • Submit monthly time cards and performance evaluation checklists
  • Teach the employee the skills identified on the training contract
  • Understanding that OJT employees can be reimbursed for 40 hours per week, which does not include holiday, sick, vacation days or overtime.
  • Retain the trainee in a permanent full-time position upon successful completion of the program
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