My (Re)Employment Plan

Studies show that workers who transition from layoff to their next job the fastest understand the importance of making
themselves a good match for their next employer. Being a good match means understanding the interests, skills and values
that you possess that will get you hired.




  • An updated résumé that has been reviewed by a peer or workforce professional will be your first impression.
    Don’t let it stand out for the wrong reasons.

Social Networking

  • Facebook and Twitter are often checked by employers. Make your profile attractive to businesses looking to hire.
  • Use social networking to your advantage. Promote your professionalism and skills, not your weekend.

Make a timeline for getting a job.

  • Unemployment Insurance benefits last on average less than 13 weeks. Many people get a job within 10 weeks
    because they start looking right away.

Network and Apply

  • Engaging the job market is more than just applying. Target your applications to employers looking to hire that
    fit your skill set and connections.


Fillable form is available at (Click here)

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