Everyone knows you need a resume when applying for jobs.  But,  which one should you use?  Chronological Skills (Functional) and should you make an internet version?  The  next series of articles we will focus on components and types of resumes to help with your job search.

Two Types…

There are two basic types of resumes:  chronological and skills (sometimes called functional).  Attached are samples of a chronological and a functional resume.  However before you decide which one to use you need to know how a little bit more:

Your Purpose for Building a Resume:

The resume is used by the job seeker (that’s you) to make a good enough impression with an employer to secure a job interview.  It’s also used to highlight unique and relevant skills and experiences. Finally the resume helps build your professional contact network, provide phone contacts and assists with cold calls and job fairs.

Employer Purpose for a Resume:

The resume is used by the Employer to screen out most job seekers; to identify candidates to interview who possess the skills on paper that the company desires; as a resource tool and agenda for the job interview

The resume is often used with or in place of a job application.  both the resume and the job application are instruments to convey the same or similar information about the job seeker.  The job application is the format and content that the employer dictates, whereas the resume format and content is determined by you the job seeker.  It is important the job application and resume have matching details, dates and information when sharing your job and skills experience.

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