Look at the checklist below while considering your work experience, skills, abilities, education and training.  This chart will help you decide which resume style is the right one for you:

If you… Date/Chronolog. Skills/Funct.
have a poor work history, employment gaps or are unemployed X
have education that is suited to the position desired X
have solid training for a specific job, but little paid experience X
have a work history that demonstrates career growth X
are considering a career change X X
have had frequent job changes X
possess related work experience X
have little or no related work experience X
have an impressive work history X
lack education X

Your resume alone will not secure a job for you. Your job search strategy must combine an excellent resume with targeted marketing, networking, follow-u an emotional  support to be successful..

Use your resume for cold calls, when replying to help wanted ads or as a guideline for interviews.  Bring your printed resume to job fairs.  (Extra copies with a cover letter are a great way to impress.)

Visit your local KANSASWORKS AND American Job Center for assistance on resume building.


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