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Southeast KANSASWORKS, Inc., is your go-to source for job search assistance and employment-related services in our 17-county service area.

Unemployment Fraud

In Kansas and across the nation, unemployment fraud, identity theft, and scams are on the rise. If you think you are the victim of identity theft or someone has filed a fraudulent claim using your name or information, contact with all relevant information.

If you are an employer, and you believe fraudulent claims are being filed against your unemployment insurance account, contact with the list of impacted employees and any relevant information.

 Questions on your Unemployment Insurance application or claim please call, 1-800-292-6333 or visit

How Do I Get Started?

Interested in Training or Education?

If you are ready to find your next job opportunity, we have five convenient locations that are open to the general public and offer services for job seekers at no cost.

Click the links to visit our Workforce Center pages.

Emporia ~ Chanute ~ Independence ~ Paola ~ Pittsburg


Our Workforce Center staff can assist you with:

  • Referrals to Employment
  • Building Your Resume
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Earning a GED
  • Career Counseling

Kansas Unemployment Insurance Videos


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