Strategic Vision and Goals


All residents of Southeast Kansas, particularly those with barriers to employment, will have access to innovative workforce services, integrated training and education programs, and direct support services. This collaboration between Core Partners will provide the required knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary for securing sustainable employment that strengthens the local economy and meets the needs of our local business community.


Goal 1: Foster a dynamic, integrated, and ever-improving workforce development system in which employers and individuals have ready access to a network of information and services responsive to their unique employment needs.

Goal 2: Provide local area residents with access to the literacy, education, vocational rehabilitation programs, and workplace skills necessary for self-sufficient employment and advancement.

Goal 3: Empower Southeast Kansas youth with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary for employment and economic independence in high-skilled, high-wage careers, and lifelong learning.

Goal 4: Implement an operational, system-wide set of performance measures to monitor, evaluate, and improve the effectiveness and accountability of employment, education, and training program

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